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Reproductive Medicine and Immunology

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For those with a history of infertility or unexplained pregnancy loss, our experts in reproductive medicine and immunology offer assessment and treatment that can ultimately provide answers, direction, and hope.

Our reproductive medicine specialist, Joanne Kwak-Kim, MD, has helped thousands of women from across the country and around the globe maintain successful pregnancies and deliver healthy babies. Her unique approach involves identifying and addressing immune disorders that might be preventing a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

How can reproductive medicine and immunology help you?

For many women, the heartbreak of recurrent pregnancy loss is compounded by the frustration that comes from not knowing the cause. If you have suffered multiple miscarriages but don’t know why, contact Reproductive Medicine and Immunology at 847-473-4357. We can help you find the answers.

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Joanne Kwak-KimDr. Joanne Kwak-Kim is an OB/GYN and a pioneer in reproductive immunology research. She also is the recipient of the Agnes D. Lattimer Professorship. Her expertise has helped patients achieve successful pregnancies that give them the families they’ve dreamed of for so long. Dr. Kwak-Kim will work in consultation with your OB/GYN or infertility specialist to maintain continuity of care throughout your treatment and pregnancy.



Joanne Kwak-Kim

Joanne Kwak‑Kim, MD, MPH


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Thanh Luu

Thanh Luu, DO

Reproductive Immunology Fellow

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Joy Fatunbi

Joy Fatunbi, MD

Reproductive Immunology Fellow

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Heather Michalides

Heather Michalides, RN, MSN, APN

Nurse Practitioner

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Eliza Ballen

Eliza Ballen, MMS, PA‑C

Physician's Assistant

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Leslie McGregor

Leslie McGregor, FNP‑C

Nurse Practitioner

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Amy Thees

Amy Thees, PhD, MBA, MLS(ASCP)

Assistant Director of Clinical Immunology Lab

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